Nu-World Amaranth, Inc.

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Amaranth:: Provides an overview of this crop, a production guide, information on growing amaranth and pest management advice.

Amaranth Production:: Amaranth grain can be popped, flaked, or ground into a high-protein flour. Information on the crop and on the Amaranth Institute which promotes and supports amaranth production, science, and marketing. [PDF]

Grain Amaranth:: Information on this crop which was a major food grown by the Aztecs, its description, cultivation, harvesting, storage, utilization, markets and economics. [PDF]

World Reference Base, Map of World Soil Resources:: Map, information and legend of the World Soil Resources. 1:25.000.000 scale, with image and georeferenced vector formats, FAO/AGL 2003.

World: Lecture notes on the major soils of the world:: Description, characteristics, geography, landforms and genesis of the 30 Reference Soil Groups (WRB), grouped in 10 sets

Tree World:: Provides an international arborist’s forum for discussion and information about trees with industry experts. Questions answered, participation for registered users.

World: GlobalSoilMap:: A international project of fine-resolution world soil map (and derived information), using existing datasets and state-of the art mapping technologies.

The World of Soil:: Resources and articles on soil science and upkeep. Includes list of links. Intended for agriculture and horticulture.

Premier World:: Manufactures components for advanced sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.

Breeders' World:: Resource for breeders looking to market their programs online.

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