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Coconut Oil UK:: Offers 100% pure virgin coconut oils and books on benefits of using coconut oil. Newsletter subscription also available.

Coconut Production and Trade:: Information on the coconut, its cultivation, harvesting and processing, and the uses made of other parts of the plant.

International Coconut Corp.:: Producers of sweetened, desiccated and toasted coconuts.

Coconut Oil Facts:: Coconut Oil is a comprehensive guide to the health benefits of coconut oil. Topics covered include coconut oil uses; the various types of coconut oil, such as virgin coconut oil and organic coconut oil; the many health benefits of coconut oil, including it's use as a treatment for Alzheimer's; coconut oil for weight loss; and where to buy coconut oil.

Post-harvest Operations: Coconut:: Provides information on pre-harvest operations, harvesting, dehusking, splitting, copra processing and drying.

Making Coconut Oil: the Old Chamorro Way:: Photographic account of this small scale process.

Mercola : Coconut Oil Benefits:: If you search Mercola you'll see a number of articles detailing the near-miraculous benefits of coconut oil, supported by numerous research studies. In fact, Mercola has long been at the forefront in recommending pure coconut oil as the smartest oil you can use in cooking. I have profiled and even offered some very good brands of coconut oil in the past. Because I believe that it is so beneficial for you, I have been dedicated to staying on top o

Red Palm Weevil management in Coconut:: The coconut palm, rightly known as kalpavriksha or the "tree of heaven" 'provides many necessities of life including food and shelter. Goa is one of the important coconut growing state in India. The total area under coconut in Goa is 24,000 ha. The average production of nuts is far less as compared to the other coconut growing states of India. One of the reasons for low yield of coconut is the incidence of the pests and disease. Out of the severa

Connecticut Waterfalls:: Personal catalog, photos, and measurements of natural waterfalls in Connecticut. Includes links hiking and waterfall links.

Connecticut Clearinghouse:: Sound Resources for Healthy Living. Connecticut's Source for Healthy Living Resources. Connecticut Clearinghouse, a program of Wheeler Clinic’s Connecticut Center for Prevention, Wellness and Recovery, is a statewide library and resource center for information on substance use and mental health disorders, prevention and health promotion, treatment and recovery, wellness and other related topics. Materials from our specialized library and resour

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