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Indiana Maple Syrup Association:: Represents maple syrup producers in the state. Includes membership details, events, newsletters, news and articles.

Michigan Maple Syrup Association:: Non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of maple sugaring and the promotion of pure maple products. Provides a history of syrup making, facts and figures, a membership application, recipes, a list of equipment suppliers and producers.

Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Association:: Non-profit membership organization serving people involved in the production, processing and marketing of pure maple syrup produced in Minnesota. Offers recipes, equipment, photo album, facts, events, membership application, and bulletin board.

Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association:: Represents over 400 Ontario maple syrup producers. Includes a directory of equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers, exporters and educational tours, product regulations, facts, recipes, educational resources, festivals and membership benefits.

Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association:: Represents commercial and hobbyist sugar making in the state. Includes membership benefits and an application, a list of members, officers and delegates, events, recipes and articles.

New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association (NBMSA):: The New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association (NBMSA) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to represent the interests of its members, and to facilitate the industry through advertisement and the constant improvement of quality and standards. The association offers information, training, and representation services. Further- more, the NBMSA collaborates with various organizations towards the enrichment of the ever-growing maple industry. The associ

Jakeman's Maple Syrup:: Pure Canadian maple syrup products. Accepts wholesale and retail orders.

Pennsylvania Maple Syrup:: Pure maple syrup from family suppliers in the southern Appalachian mountains.

The Maple Syrup Store:: Maple syrup in light, medium or amber grades, and maple sugar products from Quebec.

Vermont Maple Syrup:: Vermont is the largest producer of pure maple syrup in the US. Vermont syrup meets high standards of quality, purity and density. Vermont's maple syrup is 100% natural with nothing added. Our climate and soil conditions are perfect for producing the best maple syrup. Sugaring helps Vermont to maintain it's rich agricultural heritage and beautiful landscape. When you travel to Vermont be sure to include time for visiting sugarhouses—each one

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