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Vermont Maple Syrup:: Vermont is the largest producer of pure maple syrup in the US. Vermont syrup meets high standards of quality, purity and density. Vermont's maple syrup is 100% natural with nothing added. Our climate and soil conditions are perfect for producing the best maple syrup. Sugaring helps Vermont to maintain it's rich agricultural heritage and beautiful landscape. When you travel to Vermont be sure to include time for visiting sugarhouses—each one

University of Vermont Maple Extension:: Educational opportunities, information and resources, and maple publications for the production of maple food products.

Mom & Pops World's Best Vermont Maple Syrup:: Collectible bottles of Vermont grades fancy, medium amber, dark amber and B syrup. Ships anywhere.

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association:: Sponsors national cheese and butter products competition annually.

Cornell Sugar Maple Research & Extension Program:: Exists to improve the production and use of maple products by working with producers, consumers, and other interested parties. Maple syrup production information, activities, training, and research information.

Sugar Association of London and Refined Sugar Association:: Establishes rules for the proper conduct of the sugar trade, provides arbitration, and arranges for training seminars.

The Vermont Beef Producers' Association:: An organization of Vermont farmers producing the finest quality beef available

Vermont Sheep Breeders Association:: To support, improve and strengthen the Vermont sheep farmers community and its infrastructure. Contains list of resources, information on grants and animal health.

Vermont Sheep and Goat Association:: The Vermont Sheep Breeders’ Association is a non-profit agricultural membership organization and has been in existence for over 100 years. We are incorporated in the State of Vermont, have a Board of Directors and a written set of by-laws. In addition to soliciting our membership on an annual basis for dues to sustain our administrative services and publications, we write for grants to support our programs. As a volunteer organization, we could

Bennington County Vermont Sugarmakers Association:: List of members, producer news, and meeting information.

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