Michigan Sugar Company

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New Zealand Sugar Company Ltd.:: A sugar refinery, located in Auckland. Free recipes, nutritional information and educational resources.

American Crystal Sugar Company:: Agricultural cooperative specializing in beet sugar, sugar-based products and byproducts.

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company:: Growing and milling of sugarcane, producing molasses and specialty sugars, and generating and selling electricity. A division of Alexander and Baldwin - Hawaii, Inc.

Sugar Association of London and Refined Sugar Association:: Establishes rules for the proper conduct of the sugar trade, provides arbitration, and arranges for training seminars.

Michigan NRCS:: Provides leadership and administer programs to help people conserve, improve and sustain our natural resources and environment.

Michigan Agricultural Commodities, Inc.:: Michigan Agricultural Commodities trades and handles corn, soybeans, wheat, grain, vaculator services, oats, rye, barley, fertilizer, feed and futures.

Michigan Farm Systems:: Specializes in cow comfort products, such as mattresses, barn curtains, free stalls, and other dairy stall equipment.

Michigan Bison Association:: Provides a membership list of farms and ranches in Michigan.

Michigan Turkey Producers:: Provides raw and ready-to-eat turkey products for commodity, food service, and retail customers.

Swinger of Michigan, LLC:: A distributor of NMC-Wollard's line of articulated loader tool carriers, with attachments available for logging, snow removal and pallet applications.

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