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Gourmet Blending:: With over 27 years experience in all areas of the food industry we have taken our experience and expertise to develop The Gourmet Blending Company. We have taken our knowledge to develop and produce the highest quality food blends and mixes at the most competitive pricing, which allows our customers to feel as confident as we do with our products. Whether you are in retail, wholesale or manufacturing, we are confident that our quality products w

Useful Technologies Inc.:: Software developer which designs agricultural risk management applications.

TrueLeaf Technologies:: Provides horticulture environment systems for greenhouses.

Yokozuna Technologies:: Manufacture and sell organic fertilizers as well as pest control products.

Hedley Technologies, Inc.:: Protection against insect infestation in stored grain without malathion, insecticide, phosphine, methyl bromide.

Fermentation Technologies:: Produces a home-made, home-brewed liqueur kit. Includes recipes for alcoholic drinks and deserts, and history of liquor making. Canada.

Libra Technologies, Inc.:: Offers testing capabilities, reagents, and consultancy for manufacturers of frying oils, fried foods, chocolate, beverages, flavors and snack foods.

Deville Technologies Inc.:: Manufacturers of high capacity cheese shredders.

Focused Technologies:: Designs and manufacture of electronic sorting equipment.

Scanz Technologies Ltd:: Supplies specialist equipment to the aquaculture, fish, meat and dairy processing industries, including oxygen generation, robotic feeders, fish pumps and processing equipment.

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