Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA)

Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) Related

Global Aquaculture Alliance:: This international non-profit trade association encourages environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture, produces a magazine and publishes articles on fish production related issues.

Global Fish Alliance:: The Alliance promotes sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices through the application of a system-wide approach that balances economic, environmental, governmental, and social components essential to enhancing livelihoods and biodiversity. Supported by the U.S. Government and partners, G-FISH brings together government, private sector, and civil society to work collaboratively on specific fisheries around the world.

Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP):: The Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP) is a collaborative body tasked with coordinating resources and activities on chemicals, wastes and toxic pollution in low- and middle-income countries. The vision of GAHP is a world safe from toxic pollution. Its mission is to help low- and middle-income countries, with regards to chemicals and wastes, clean up legacy toxic hotspots, prevent re-contamination and guard against future pollution.

The Global Alliance for Sugar Trade Reform and Liberalisation:: Cohesive group of sugar producing nations with the objective of improving market circumstances. Directory of members, communiques, resources and links. Brisbane, Australia.

Log Chain Honey:: Iowa producer and distributor of honey products for over thirty years. Includes product descriptions, retail stores directory, recipes and location map.

Chain Bar Repairing:: Located in Portand, Oregon. Manufactures and repairs custom chainsaw bars for your cutting needs.

Diamond Chain Company:: At the Diamond Chain Company, roller chain is our passion, our focus, and our calling. Our continuing success depends on your success and that's why attention is paid to the smallest of details when it comes to our businesses. At Diamond Chain, we know that our engineering and manufacturing processes are second to none. In fact, we're so confident that nothing outlasts a Diamond Chain, that we back our products with industry leading warranties

Uranium 238 Decay Chain:: Short primer on U238 decay through radon to stable lead, radioactive half times of elements. Chart of the decay chain with half times and alpha or beta radiation.

Forestry product Chain-of-Custody (CoC):: Forestry product Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certification enables you to demonstrate that the wood you trade or use comes from well-managed forests or other controlled sources.

Cold Tap:: Manufacturer and supplier of draft beer systems and supplies, table top system (alternative to a beer box), liquor dispensers and casino carts.

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