Starch Chem Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Starch Chem Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Related

Universal Starch Chem Allied Ltd.:: Manufacturers and exporters of liquid glucose, maize starch, corn gluten, and other corn based ingredients. Features a complete product catalog and business information.

Paru Engineers Pvt. Ltd.:: Specializes in orchard sprayers, agricultural implements, and vegetable preservers.

ENSR: Environmental Consultants and Engineers:: A worldwide environmental service company (headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, USA) that has developed: dispersion models that accommodate complex terrain and aerodynamic downwash; visibility models; hazardous air pollutant dispersion models; and others for facilities located in dispersion environments where standard models are inaccurate.

Sino-Thai Starch Co. Ltd. and Pacific Starch Co. Ltd.:: Thai producer of tapioca starch. Company profile and products.

R&D Engineers:: Manufacturer and exporter of baking machines for ice cream cones and wafer biscuit plants.

D.C.Ghose & Co (A) Pvt. Ltd.:: India. Blender, packer and exporter of blended teas and tea bags. Includes the company's profile and history.

A.P.C System & Products Pvt. Ltd.:: Dust control products for industries including dust suppression and dust extraction systems. Information on products and contact information.

Kayan Agro Industries & Co. Pvt. Ltd.:: Manufacturer and packager of CTC and Orthodox teas. Located in West Bengal, India.

Oceanic Foods Ingredients & Spices Pvt. Ltd.:: Processors of dehydrated onions and garlic in a variety of particle sizes. Company profile and product listing. India.

R&M Ostrich Consultants and Sales:: Consultant and sales of ostrich, ostrich equipment, ostrich breeders, ostrich chicks, ostrich eggs, to South America, Korea, Japan, North America, China, Taiwan, Asia, Europe.

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