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Cuisine Perel:: Grapeseed oils, mayonnaises, mustards, pasta sauces, vinegars, vinaigrettes, dessert toppings and gift boxes.

Future Cuisine Ltd:: A New Zealand company providing seafood salads and pizzas, smoked mussels, and other products to the supermarket industry.

Royal Cuisine:: Exporters of lamb, veal, beef, bison and venison from New Zealand.

Green Cuisine:: Greenhouse grower of living microgreens, culinary herbs and specialty greens. Offers custom growing services to chefs. Company profile, product information, order form, and recipes.

Kettle Cuisine, Inc.:: Manufactures and sells fresh refrigerated gourmet soups to consumers and food service operators.

WhiteWave Vegetarian Cuisine:: Certified organic soy products such as tofu, milk, yogurt and tempeh.

Serenna's Gourmet Cuisine:: Gourmet east Indian Food including samosas, roti, tamarind chutney and Samosa wrappers.

Yves Veggie Cuisine:: Offers cholesterol-free alternatives to traditional hamburgers, hot dogs, deli slices and other meat-based favorites and soy-based cheese substitutes. Company profile, product information, recipes, and contact details.

Chefs de Cuisine Assn. of St. Louis:: Event dates, articles and contact information.

Rubio's Mexican Cuisine and Fish Tacos:: Fish tacos and authentic Mexican cuisine are cooked fresh for you at Rubio's Mexican Grill. Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill® and has over 180 locations serving a menu which features made-to-order burritos, soft-shell tacos, and quesadillas and salads made with marinated, chargrilled chicken breast and steak, as well as seafood representative of the Baja, California region of Mexico, such as chargrilled mahi mahi, sautéed shrimp and our signature Ba

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