Alternative Aquaculture Ltd Related

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center: Aquaculture:: Informational resource from USDA covering not only fish farming but also production of aquatic plants, certified organic production and fish/plant integrated systems.

Alternative Beverage:: Beer making and wine making ingredients and equipment for home brewing.

Alternative Agronomic Crops:: Article discussing farm diversification starting with an inventory of available resources, the crop selection, product research, markets and marketing. [PDF]

Alternative Crops and Plants:: Information from the Alternative Farming Systems Information Center on the production of floral, forest, fruit, grain, herb, industrial, nursery, nut, vegetable or other specialty plants, seeds and products.

Bamboo: An Alternative Movement:: Sara Nakasone describes how bamboo is being used as an alternative resource to other types of wood. Find a discussion about the structural engineering issues involved in building larger bamboo structures. (April 07, 2003)

Alternative Baking Company:: Vegan cookies including a wheat free range made with barley flour.

The Alternative Food Cooperative:: Wakefield, Rhode Island. A natural food store open to the public, carrying a large range of organic foods including produce, fresh bread and drinks.

Centre for Alternative Technology:: Promotes ideas and information on technologies which support rather than damage the environment.

Alternative Medicine for Camelids:: Holistic vet treatment of camelids by the AVMC, management, diet, feeding, camelid topics, camelid diseases, camelid issues, crias, llamas, vicunas, alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos.

Kenaf Paper: An Ecological Alternative:: written by the Forest Friendly Paper Campaign, this site discusses on how kenaf is identified as the best non-wood paper alternative.

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