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Flex-a-lite/MariSource:: Manufacturer of belt-driven and electric engine cooling fans and accessories for auto and industrial use, steel fabrication, and technology, equipment, and supplies for aquatic harvest.

Consolidated Pastoral Company:: Operates cattle properties across northern Australia. Supplies beef and exports live cattle to South East Asian and U.S. markets.

Consolidated Meat Group:: Australian beef production and export.

The Lite-Ful Cheesecake:: The-Lite-Ful Cheesecake is peerlessly different. It was created with the ultimate goal to provide cheesecake enthusiasts with a gourmet dessert that is sinfully delicious and will not sabotage a HEALTH-FRIENDLY lifestyle. In fact, we invite you to read the nutritional information of our cheesecakes. All our cheesecakes are GLUTEN-FREE and suitable for people with celiac. Our claim is backed-up by the authorized seal of recognition from the C

Josephs Lite Cookies:: Manufactures and sells sugar free and fat free cookies, brownies and syrups.

Poly-Flex Inc.:: Poly-Flex, Inc. manufacturers high quality geomembrane liner products for a wide range of environmental and containment applications. We offer resources for: Secured Municipal Waste Landfills Secured Hazardous Waste Landfills Waste Water Treatment Plants Ash Slurry Pond Linings Common Effluent Treatment Plants Evaporation Ponds Fish Hatcheries Flyash Landfills Fresh Water Reservoir

Flex-Kleen:: Manufactures dust collectors and dust collecting systems - welded modular, pulse jet, and cartridge dust control systems. Site has information on products and contact information.

Max-Flex Fence Systems:: Specializing in high tensile and electric fence systems for livestock and wildlife control.

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Farmocean International
Fusion Marine Limited
Ocean Farm Technology, Inc.
Ocean Spar Technologies LLC
Solaris Austria