Marine Biotech, Inc.

Marine Biotech, Inc. Related

Ozone Biotech:: Manufacturer and exporter of neem oil and neem based pesticides for organic farming.

RPA Biotech:: Electrolyzed Oxidizing (EO) drinking water and products to kill bacteria and fungus in humans and animals.

Organica Biotech:: Manufacturer of bioproducts for water treatment in aquaculture. Product application, dose rates, contacts.

Growmore Biotech Ltd.:: Company in India producing pre-hardened tissue-cultured plants for customers in Europe and Australia. Products include a variety of ornamental plants, tree and field crops, and medicinal plants.

Linn Biotech:: Chandler biological and organic products for crops, livestock, lawns, garden and home.

Genewin Biotech:: Genewin biotech a leading Bio fertilizer manufacturing company in India.It’s performing excellent R&D on biotechnology fields like Bio fertilizers, Hydro phonics, Strain Improvement techniques, Bio fuels, Electricity from Biomass, Bio char in agriculture through field trials.

Maya Biotech:: Incorporated in 1983, Maya Biotech is one of the largest exporter/supplier of Thiophosgene, Drug Intermediates, Biotech Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals, etc. from India. Our products are well accepted in Indian drug industry and reputed companies. These products are developed by our own research and development team which included eminent scientists and engineers. We have a capability to develop process and products and we do manufacture such

Organica Biotech:: Organica biotech is a leading manufacturer of advanced biological inputs for waste water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, soil remediation, septic tanks, oil degradation, lake bio-remediation and solid waste composting. We work closely with our associates in providing knowhow and enhancing the understanding of the benefits of using advanced scientific knowledge based organic inputs to farmers.

Agriculture Biotech Chemical::

Anhwei Tiger Biotech:: Supplies animal feed additives and health supplements including serums for vitamin C deficiency.

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