The American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC)

The American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC) Related

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers:: Professional and technical organization of members worldwide interested in engineering knowledge and technology for food and agriculture and associated industries.

House Agricultural Consultants:: Provides expertise in agricultural management and land use.

Agricultural Science Consultants (ASC):: Agricultural product development, efficacy and field stability trials in South Africa. Agricultural Science Consultants (ASC) is an independent research company offering clear scientific solutions, service through sound science, innovation, understanding and industry-leading approaches. Laws and regulations in South Africa provide a solid foundation for research by first world scientists at first world facilities in a third world country, yieldin

James Kirwan Agricultural Business Consultants:: Irish-based, international consultancy which provides practical information and contact details to both professionals and nonprofessionals who may wish to hire an agricultural consultant

Mississippi Agricultural Consultants Association (MACA):: The Mississippi Agricultural Consultants Association is a professional alliance of independent crop consultants who provide a unique service to the producers of Mississippi.

North American Weather Consultants:: Meteorological consultants (located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) who offer extensive experience in performing dispersion modeling for: simple, complex or intermediate terrain; single or multiple emission points; and buoyant or dense gas releases.

New Jersey Agricultural Society:: The New Jersey Agricultural Society, a 501 C (3) non-profit, is the oldest agricultural organization of its type in the nation. Established in 1781, its mission is to preserve and enhance agriculture, farming and related activities and businesses in New Jersey through educational, informational, and promotional programs. This membership-based organization is the sponsor of such programs as Learning Through Gardening, New Jersey Agricultural Leade

Agricultural History Society:: The Agricultural History Society was founded in Washington, DC in 1919 "to promote the interest, study and research in the history of agriculture." Incorporated in 1924, the Society began publishing a journal, Agricultural History, in 1927. The term "agricultural history" has always been interpreted broadly, and the Society encourages research and publishes articles from all countries and in all periods of history. Initially affiliated with the A

British Agricultural History Society:: Promotes the study of agricultural history and the history of the rural economy and society. Organization information, upcoming conferences, and links to related websites.

Royal Agricultural Society of England:: Organisers of the Royal Show and the Town and County Festival.

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