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Farm Advisors NZ Ltd:: Farm Advisors NZ Ltd offer a wide range of farm management services including financial budgets, feeding plans, effluent budgets, farm purchase advice, employment and more. Our services include: * GPS farm mapping * Financial budgets and account analysis * Feed budgets and feeding plans * Fertiliser recomendations and effluent budgets * Farm business plans and farm purchase * Full farm supervision, planned manag

Aquatic Advisors LLC:: Consultants in land based aquaculture systems, based in Massachusetts, USA. Brief service information, contacts.

Cap CO2 Advisors:: Brussels based consultancy helping businesses devise carbon management strategies. Provides information on the financial implications and government initiatives, and offers training programs.

Pacific Business Inc.:: Offering a sauce made with rocoto peppers from Peru. Includes a list of retailers.

New-Nutrition Business:: Research, news and analysis of developments in foods, supplements, and nutraceuticals.

Bluepoint Business:: Manufacturer of mist nozzles in Malaysia.

Business Gets Serious About Emissions:: BusinessWeek Online special report about business and global warming. (December 12, 2005)

Environ Business:: Provides information on climate change science and impact assessment, energy sources and renewable energy sources, assessing each for its advantages and disadvantages.

Ag Business & Crop Inc.:: Ag Business provides you with endless ways to grow. Our goal is to maximize your success, and excel in using the latest technology and information for agriculture and beyond.

The Food Business:: The Food Business is commissioned by some of worlds largest food and drink manufacturers to lead cutting-edge development projects. We specialise in the creation of food and drink products, employing a unique kitchen-base approach, enabling the fruition of new ideas as well as mirroring industrial methods in our own on-site development kitchen. We have extensive knowledge of ingredients and food manufacturing and we are not only passionate about

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