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USDA Forest Service - Publications:: Publications from the forest service of the United States Department of Agriculture. Useful links to resources on forest health, forest fire and forest ecosystems.

USDA Forest Service: Urban Natural Resources Stewardship:: Information on current research on the effects of the urban forest on air quality, climate, and carbon dioxide; as well as, research on urban forest management.

USDA Forest Service - Climate Change Research Center:: Official government site for resource managers and decision-makers who need information and tools to address climate change in planning and project implementation on lands in the Western USA. Includes a toolbox and library.

USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service:: Enhancing the quality of life for rural Americans by providing leadership in building competitive businesses that can prosper in the global marketplace.

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS):: United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service. The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) links U.S. agriculture to the world to enhance export opportunities and global food security. In addition to its Washington, D.C. staff, FAS has a global network of 98 offices in 75 countries covering 156 countries. These offices are staffed by agricultural attachés and locally hired staff who are the eyes, ears, and voice for U.S. agric

USDA: Forest Health Protection:: Technical publications that address specific tree pests and diseases, including identification and control.

USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service:: Aims to improve economic, environmental, and social conditions in the United States and globally.

USDA Agricultural Research Service: Animal and Natural Resources Institute:: Undertakes research into agricultural problems of high national priority and encourages the development of technology transfer programs.

US Forest Service:: US Forest Service - Caring for the land and serving people. Established in 1905, the Forest Service is an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Forest Service manages public lands in national forests and grasslands.

Gyekis Forest Management Service:: Pennsylvania consultant forestry firm specializing in timber management and land stewardship planning.

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