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Phoenix Instruments:: Manufacturer of LED opacity monitors, CEMS for SO2, NOX, CO, and CO2, for environmental monitoring of smoke stack emissions. Monitors are EPA certified.

Phoenix Zoo:: Originating with the ambitious vision of a dedicated philanthropist and other community leaders, the Phoenix Zoo has welcomed more than 43 million guests since 1962, fulfilling its mission of providing experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world. Beginning in 1962 with Operation Oryx, one of the world’s most successful global wildlife conservation programs, it has become world renowned for its contributions

Bio-Green Agritech:: Specializes in bio-organic fertilizers and other agricultural related products.

Sam Agritech Limited:: Sam Agritech Limited : Exporter of Pomegranate Arils & Coconut Chunks. Sam Agritech Limited is a trusted supplier of good quality fresh produce to the most demanding Super Markets of UK, Europe and USA Middle East.

TNAU Agritech Portal: Sericulture:: Provides information on silkworm types, mulberry cultivation, silkworm rearing, pest and disease management, post-coccoon technology, other uses of silk, waste management and the economics of sericulture.

Phoenix Environmental Care, LLC:: Marketer of post-patent, generic pesticides and fungicides for the turf, nursery, ornamental, and aquatic markets.

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Clarratts Ltd
JK International LLC
Pagides Entomon PMC