ProfiGen do Brasil Ltda Related

QualicafeX Ltda:: Brings together foreign buyers of green coffee and Brazilian producers in order to create solid commercial relationships. Brazil.

Inaver LTDA.:: Supplier of hardwoods, logs, and veneers. Located in Chile.

La Casa de la Greca Ltda.:: Manufacturer of Espresso coffee and cappuccino machines, water boilers, and grinders.

GPK Chile Ltda.:: Offers Chilean agriproducts for export, such as raisins, prunes, garlic, and beans.

Agro Standard Control Ltda.:: Chilean that provides standard and Chilean pre-shipment quality control and certification services for fruit for export and import. Agronomists, inspectors, and digital photos. Commodities include chilean raisins, walnut, almond and dehydrated fruit.

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China National Tree Seed Corporation (CNSTC)
Channel Bio Corp
Stevenson Intermountain Seed, Inc.
Sunbeam Extract Co.