The Finnish Forest Association

The Finnish Forest Association Related

Finnish Landrace:: The development of this breed, its characteristics and commercial use.

Catskill Forest Association:: The mission of the CFA is to promote forest stewardship in the Catskill region by forest landowners, timber harvesters, foresters and the general public. There are also many informative articles on forest management on the website.

New Brunswick Forest Technicians Association:: Dedicated to promoting and educating forest technicians world-wide. Site offers free email and employment message board.

Coast Forest and Lumber Association:: Regional advocate and regulatory issues manager for harvesting and lumber manufacturing companies who operate within the geographic bounds of the British Columbia Coast.

Private Forest Landowners Association:: Body representing owners of privately managed forests in British Columbia. Promoting responsible forestry, and government policy that encourages investment.

Alabama Forest Owners' Association:: Information and services for owners of private forest land in Alabama.

Hawaii Forest Industry Association:: Dedicated to responsible forest management through an annual woodworking exhibition, Hawaii's Wood trademark, and as an advocate for planting and harvesting to creating and selling wood products.

Intermountain Forest Industry Association:: An organization of wood products manufacturers, timberland owners and related businesses in the northern Rockies.

Missouri Forest Products Association:: Promotes the business of all forest related industries and encourages closer working relationships among forest products firms, forest owners, producers, and harvesters to help improve procurement, processing, research, and marketing of forest products.

New York Forest Owner's Association:: Promotes stewardship of privately-owned forests for long-term multiple uses. Membership is open to everyone who shares these conservation goals.

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