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Evaluating the Forest Stewardship Program Through a National Survey of Participating Forest Land Owners:: A study to determine if US Forest Stewardship Plans are meeting their purpose.

American Forest Foundation:: Nonprofit education and conservation organization working for healthy forests and quality environmental education.

Temperate Forest Foundation:: Non-profit organization helping people achieve sustainable living with the integration of economic, ecological and social needs.

Silva Forest Foundation:: Conducts training courses; carries out research in ecosystem-based forest practices; prepares ecosystem-based landscape plans; and conducts a wood certification program.

Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation:: Dedicated to fostering awareness and appreciation of natural resources by preserving parks and open space.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation:: Dedicated to the conservation of natural resources, fish, wildlife, and plants.

National Association of Forest Industries:: A library of forest facts and statistics about Australia's forest industry, its employees and forest communities.

Fremont-Winema National Forest:: Framed by major migratory bird flyways, the Fremont-Winema National Forests offer a setting of classic Western beauty derived from the land’s volcanic legacy. The ecosystem ranges from towering snow-capped peaks to wide-open sage basins. Pivotal to the economy and communities of south central Oregon, this 2.3 million acre forest is known for its many recreational opportunities, scenic vistas and wild places where visitors can still find solitud

Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife:: Australian organization that funds conservation projects including wilderness, national parks, wildlife habitat and the recovery of endangered species.

Ethics and Value Studies, National Science Foundation:: Funds projects on environmental ethics

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Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC)
Florida Forestry Association
Northeastern Loggers' Association (NELA)
Society of American Foresters
Empire State Forest Products Association [ESFPA]