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Missouri Forest Products Association:: Promotes the business of all forest related industries and encourages closer working relationships among forest products firms, forest owners, producers, and harvesters to help improve procurement, processing, research, and marketing of forest products.

Empire State Forest Products Association [ESFPA]:: In 1906, the Adirondack Lumber Manufacturers and Shippers Association was formed to help track declining inventories of Adirondack softwood and promote the emerging science of forestry. Three years later the name was changed to the Empire State Forest Products Association to reflect the addition of new members from other regions of the state and a growing statewide interest. Today the Association enjoys a diverse and growing membership. Member

Southern Forest Resource Assessment:: A multi-agency evaluation of the status of forest resources of the southern U.S., their productivity, ecological diversity and sustainability. Led by the USDA Forest Service.

The Encyclopedia of Southern Appalachian Forest Ecosystems:: Information on the ecology and management of southern Appalachian forest ecosystems. We have synthesized literature from thousands of sources to provide resource managers, land owners, researchers, students, and the public easy access to scientific knowledge about the forests of the southern Appalachians.

The Forest Products Society:: Includes a general description of the society with info on conferences and meetings, publications, the Forest Products Journal, membership, technical groups, and executive board and international staff listings.

E & D Forest Products, Inc.:: Offers bark, mulch, cedar, pine, hardwood, wood chips, and dyed mulch in large quantities.

Northwood Forest Products Ltd:: Supplies a range of forest products from secure and environmentally friendly producers in Scandinavia, The Baltic States and North America.

United Forest Products, Inc.:: Exporters of northern and Appalachian veneer and saw logs. Located in Miami, FL.

Jaymark Forest Products Ltd:: Importer of softwood and sheet materials. Located in Woking, Surrey.

Saratoga Forest Products, Inc:: Lumber manufacturing, import and wholesale. Supplier of industrial softwood and millwork to manufacturers of wooden windows, doors moldings and pallets.

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Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC)
Florida Forestry Association
Northeastern Loggers' Association (NELA)
Society of American Foresters
Empire State Forest Products Association [ESFPA]