Southern Pine Council

Southern Pine Council Related

Storing, Handling and Planting Southern Pine Seedlings:: Provides advice on seedling care, how and when to plant, and the number of seedlings required per acre.

Thinning Pine Stands:: Provides guidance on the cutting or removal of certain trees from a stand to regulate the number, quality and distribution of the remaining trees. [PDF]

Pine Point Fisherman's Co-op:: Live and cooked lobster, as well as steamer clams and mussels.

Pine Creek Pack:: Bake-dried fruit and vegetables, such as apples, cherries, pears, bananas, and mangos. Feature Washington-grown certified organic produce.

LeBaron Pine Nuts:: Offers three different types of pine nuts.

Liston Pine Nuts:: Sells U.S. grown Nevada and New Mexico pine nuts, also knows as pinon nuts.

Pine Hollow Farm:: Offers a large variety of tree types, wholesale balled and burlapped, wholesale cut for Christmas trees and retail mail order Christmas trees. Ohio.

Pine Island Nursery:: Florida firm offering a wide variety of tropical fruit and nut plants.

Pine Lake Alpacas:: Breeding for prime fleece quality, conformation and temperament. Located in Issaquah, Washington.

Pine Meadow Farms:: Offers pasture boarding. Includes description of services, rates, and photos. Located in Molino, Florida.

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Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC)
Florida Forestry Association
Northeastern Loggers' Association (NELA)
Society of American Foresters
Empire State Forest Products Association [ESFPA]