Charles L. Pack Forest - University of Washington College of Forest Resources:: Pack forest provides virtual hikes, educational programs, interactive games and tours, videos and information on research, events and outreach. Geospatial data, conference center bookings, timber sales and forest operations information.

Evaluating the Forest Stewardship Program Through a National Survey of Participating Forest Land Owners:: A study to determine if US Forest Stewardship Plans are meeting their purpose.

Forest Management:: Provides guidance on giving woodland proper care so that it remains healthy and vigorous and able to provide the products and amenities the landowner desires.

Forest Guild:: An organization to promote ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forestry.

Duke Forest:: Research forest for Duke University. Site has links to research, management, public recreation, outreach programs, and resources.

Forest Feast:: Supplier of dried fruit and nut snack foods. The site offers details and pictures of their product range.

Forest Net:: Details of the Logging and Sawmilling Journal - Information for the forest industry throughout the world.

Forest Tools:: Design, engineering and manufacturing of equipment replacement parts for the timber utilization industry.

Forest Engineering Inc.:: Oregon company which specializes in forest operations and logging engineering which can design and implement a variety of techniques which allow forestry operations to meet physical, economic, and environmental goals.

Forest Econ:: Forest economics analysis and timber investment software.

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