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Community Forestry International, Inc. (CFI):: Community Forestry International, Inc. (CFI) assists rural communities to stabilize and regenerate forests by helping policy makers, development agencies, NGOs, and professional foresters create the legal instruments, human resource capacities, and negotiation processes and methods to support resident resource managers. At CFI, we believe that including local communities in the management of natural resources leads to increased livelihood securit

College of Forestry Community Spatial Data Management Group:: The Corvallis Forestry Community Spatial Data Management Group was formed in August 1998 to coordinate acquisition and development of spatial data layers, provide searchable metadata and access to spatial data layers, and help offer training for Geographic Information Systems/Remote Sensing software. The group consists of GIS/RS faculty, staff, and students at Oregon State University and representatives from the US Geological Survey Forest and R

Eldis - Sustainable Forestry Resource Guide:: Eldis is a gateway to development information and the forestry guide provides a searchable directory of forestry sites and resources. Emphasis is on sustainability, community forestry and climate change.

Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice:: Clearing house and resource center helping communities organize to stop toxic/pollution problems and create healthy communities.

Greenstar: Solar Community and Telecommunications Center:: Nonprofit bringing solar power, telemedicine, distance learning, electronic commerce, and support services to developing countries, and all places where a centralized electrical power grid is not available.

Rhino Resource Center:: Provides a searchable database of information on the five endangered species of rhinoceros with the aim of assisting research and conservation of the rhinoceros worldwide.

Bio-Integral Resource Center:: Nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to pesticide reduction. Publishes the IPM Practitioner and The Common Sense Pest Control Quarterly. Source of information on least-toxic and nontoxic solutions for pest problems.

Delaware Aquaculture Resource Center:: An archive of information about aquaculture in Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region. It covers both freshwater and marine culture and provides an expanding list of resources and other useful information.

Farrier and Hoofcare Resource Center:: Portal offering farrier locator, directory and classified ads.

Hazardous Waste Resource Center:: Information from the Environmental Technology Council (ETC), a U.S. organization of environmental service firms that deal with industrial and hazardous waste cleanups.

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Forest Preserve District of Cook County (FPDCC)
The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI)
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