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American Horticultural Society (AHS):: The American Horticultural Society is one of the oldest national gardening organizations in the country. Since 1922, we have been a trusted source of high quality gardening and horticultural information. Today, our mission blends education, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship with the art and science of horticulture. Please join us in making America a nation of gardeners, a land of gardens! • Our Vision : Making America a n

Hibiscus cannabinus:: Index of articles about kenaf and its cultivation.

Hibiscus cannabinus L.:: Section from the 1983 Handbook of Energy Crops covers the uses, folk medicine, chemistry, description, germplasm, distribution, ecology, cultivation, harvesting, yields and economics, and other aspects of kenaf and its production. Includes references.

American Fisheries Society:: Organization dedicated to strengthening the fisheries profession, advancing fisheries science and conserving fisheries resources. Information on membership, policy, publications, jobs and awards.

American Bamboo Society:: Information about the society and its chapters, uses and cultivation of bamboo in general and for individual species, glossary, and bibliography.

American Society of Baking:: Promoting the advancement of baking science technology through the exchange of information and interaction among baking industry professionals.

The American Cheese Society:: Comprised of cheesemakers and enthusiasts, with information on their annual conference, and a searchable directory of member companies in USA.

American Goat Society:: Registry for all breeds of dairy goats. Sanctions shows and runs a DHIA program.

The American Society of Mammalogists:: Promotes the study of mammals and involved in providing information for public policy, resources management, conservation, and education.

American Littoral Society:: Concerned about wetlands, oceans, and issues that affect the littoral zone, that area on the beach between low and high tide.

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