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Organic Garden Project:: Aims to bring the community of local sustainable food producers together. Provides information about urban farms and gardens that are already in existence as well as ideas for the future of local sustainable food production.

China Bend Winery and Victory's Organic Garden:: Unsulfited organic wines, pickled vegetables, and salsa and jam.

Everything for the UK Maize Grower:: An in depth and instructive site to help the UK maize grower understand the maize crop and how to grow it profitably.

Grower Direct:: Oregon nursery providing turf sod, ornamental trees, and shrubs.

Primefacts: The Grower Herd:: Provides guidance on feeding growing pigs, diseases, grading and temperature control and the importance of weighing and managing the finishers. [PDF]

The Grower’s Box:: Grower direct fresh cut flower wholesaler for major outlets, wholesale markets, florists, weddings, events, and individuals.

Potato Grower Magazine Online:: The official web site of Potato Grower Magazine. Information on chemical producers, equipment manufacturers, blight, irrigation equipment, and advertising information.

Washington Fish Grower's Association, The:: Provides information on the fish farming industry in Washington state.

Macademia Nut Grower Fact Sheet:: Information on all aspects of cultivating this crop, with special reference to New Zealand.

Organic Production and Organic Food: Information Access Tools:: Alternative Farming Systems Information Centre (AFSIC) provides a directory of documents, contacts, research sources, web sites and educational programs.

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