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Wheat Bulb Fly:: Information on this serious pest of wheat crops, its biology and advice on control measures.

International Bulb Society:: A non-profit organization dedicated to sharing knowledge, conducting research, and promoting conservation of geophytic plants, most usually known as "bulbs".

Flower Bulb Research Program:: Describes the bulb research program at Cornell University, intended to further develop commercial bulb crops.

Holland's Best:: Traditional Dutch and Indonesian imported pastries, cookies, cheeses, and spices. Has grocery, giftware and goods for sale.

AG Holland:: Service area is primarily in the Netherlands, Antilles, Aruba, South America and Suriname. Trades in various items such as juices, fresh produce, snacks, beer, cookies, cosmetics, wines, soup ingredients, sauces, and mixes. processed meats, and condiments. Located in The Netherlands.

Wheat Bulb Fly and Other Fly Pests of Cereals:: Discusses the main fly pests of cereal crops and the measures that can be taken to minimise the problems their larvae cause. [PDF]

Thilot Holland:: Offers composting and mushroom farm equipment.

Holland at Home:: Sells beer, baking mixes, baby food, bread spreads, rusk, cheese, chips, coffee, tea, cocoa, cookies, crackers, candy, fruit drinks, soups, meats, and spice cake. Also, offers games, toothpaste and magazines.

CheesePartners Holland V.O.F.:: Dutch producer of edam, gouda, and maasdam cheese. Company profile, product and contact information.

Filtermat Holland:: Delivery of self-cleaning filter systems for beetwash water and for condensers (raw juice and carbonatation). The engineers of a sugar mill wanted a system for the filtration of sugar juice (thick juice) just before crystallization.

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