Sonoran Valley Cactus

Sonoran Valley Cactus Related

Sonoran Institute:: Includes information, contacts, and examples of community based strategies that preserve the ecological integrity of natural systems while meeting the economic aspirations of communities.

McDowell Sonoran Land Trust:: Helps preserve the McDowell Mountains in the Sonoran Desert of Northern Scottsdale, AZ.

Holiday Cactus:: Provides instructions for the commercial greenhouse production of Schlumbergera bridgesii and Schlumbergera truncata.

Cactus Margarita:: A margarita mix extracted from cactus fruit. Recipes included for mixing with tequila, sangria or ginger ale.

Cactus Corrientes:: Specializing in registered Corriente cattle, plus started and finished roping horses. Includes stock available, and bloodlines. Located in Abilene, Texas.

Sweet Cactus Farms:: Offers agave nectar, an organic sweetener.

Cactus Ridge Ranch:: Located in Forestburg, TX. Information on breeding program, herd sires, and genetics.

Holly Gate Cactus Nursery:: A reference collection of over 30,000 mature plants set in an attractively landscaped 10,000 sq. ft. of glasshouses.

Ohio Valley Ag:: Ohio Valley Ag is a full-line agricultural spray and fertilizer application parts and equipment headquarters. Providing new and used equipment.

Valley Pecans:: Chillicothe, Texas. Offers whole, shelled, flavored, and candied pecans.

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