Coromandel Native Nursery

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Native Sons Wholesale Nursery Inc.:: A wholesale nursery specializing in California natives, Mediterranean perennials, grasses, and herbs. Online plant descriptions and PDF catalog.

North Coast Native Nursery:: Wholesale nursery providing California native plants to restoration and landscape professionals as well as retail suppliers. Assortment includes trees, shrubs, perennials, wetland plants, ferns, and grasses.

Octoraro Native Plant Nursery:: Pennsylvania wholesale nursery provides container-grown trees, shrubs, and seedlings, including species for streambank stabilization, wet-tolerant, and upland varieties. Overview of products, terms and conditions.

Native Sons, Inc.:: Specializing in California natives, Mediterranean perennials, grasses, herbs and more.

Native Coffee, Inc.:: Organically grown roasted green beans, in eight flavors or a sampler pack.

Native Treasures:: Caribbean style sauces and seasonings. Has recipes, newsletter, and shopping form online.

Native America:: Information about the plants and animals of North America, research being undertaken, restoration/protection projects and membership details.

Native Plant Associates:: Restores grasslands in coastal Massachusetts and Long Island.

Native Fish Conservancy:: A non-profit organization committed to conservation of native fishes of the midwestern United States.

Native Plants Network:: Main site for the scientific "Native Plants Journal", also hosting a native plant propagation protocol database.

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