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Why Leaves Change Color: The Splendor of Autumn:: Discusses the chemical changes that take place within leaves.

Garden Worms:: Online supplier of composting worms and other organic growing and composting supplies, based in Spring Grove, PA, USA.

Ganja Garden:: Forum for discussing cannabis cultivation.

Garden Huckleberries:: These fruiting plants are semi-tropical annuals of the family Solanaceae and not closely related to the American huckleberry. Article on their cultivation.

Garden Thought:: Blog by Ethan Cramer providing his views on theoretical ornamental horticulture, gardening in an organized way and similar topics.

How Does This Garden Grow?:: Seeds of Solidarity Farm has been awarded a Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education grant to investigate the properties of the soil and the crops grown in cardboard-mulched no-till beds.

Garden With Insight:: Garden by simulation of weather, soil, and plant growth models, creating a simple e-garden.

Fertile Garden:: Offering organic garden supplies.

Cheshire Garden:: New Hampshire preserves, mustards, vinegars, and honey.

The Chocolate Garden:: Handmade truffles. Includes semi-sweet, bittersweet, milk and white, raspberry and hazelnut chocolates.

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