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Colorado Livestock Association (CLA):: The Colorado Livestock Association (CLA) was formed in 1998 through a restructuring of the then 43 year old Colorado Cattle Feeders Association (CCFA). The new name and structure was designed to better reflect the membership of the association. CLA prides itself on a willingness to change to meet the needs of it’s members. What started as a group of feeders working to eradicate a disease affecting cattle (red nose, has grown to a multi-specie o

South Central Livestock, Inc.:: One of the best livestock markets in south Georgia! South Central Livestock has been in business for over 25 years. The knowledge we have gained over the years has led to having the cattle in the best possible condition at sale time. Our buyers know they are going to purchase cattle in prime condition. (for an auction environment) On any given sale day, we will have less than 1% of second hand cattle. This means that over 99% of our cattle are f

North Central Alberta Poultry Association:: We are a club formed in 2001 to promote pigeon/poultry/waterfowl breeding as a hobby. The survival of many rare/heritage breeds are only surviving as a result of hobbyists breeding them, which is why it is important for Clubs to promote the raising of them and provide the opportunities to show them. Our Annual Show in Wetaskiwin gives us an opportunity to include a rabbit, small bird and other small animals in our show to expand knowledge of othe

Kansas Livestock Association:: Encourages the National Cattlemen's Beef Association to continually monitor international trades issues to assure U.S. beef producers have fair and equal access to the markets of competing exporting countries.

Kalamazoo Livestock Association:: The site is dedicated to the 4-H members who put in the hard work required to bring their animals to the show and to the generous buyers who support them. Each year at the Kalamazoo County Fair 4-H'ers have the chance to sell their animals at a public auction. The youth have worked all year caring for, feeding and training their animals. The sale is the event where all their hard work and learning experiences translate into a marketable product.

Livestock Marketing Association of Canada:: Non-profit association of Canadian livestock marketing businesses promoting open and fair competition. Includes news and a members list.

National Livestock Producers Association:: A national trade association for livestock marketing and credit cooperatives. NLPA members represent 215,000 beef, dairy, hog, sheep and goat producers in the United States and Canada.

Pennsylvania Livestock Association (PLA):: Founded in 1954, The Pennsylvania Livestock Association has facilitated the success of those involved in Pennsylvania's agriculture. PLA provides a vital communications link for all livestock related businesses. We support education and research programs, youth activities (elementary through collegiate levels), promotions and legislation that benefits the entire industry. The PLA provides a united effort to deal with livestock needs programs. Ev

Livestock Marketing Association (LMA):: At Livestock Marketing Association, we're committed to the support and protection of the local livestock auction markets and the livestock marketing industry. Auctions are a vital part of the livestock industry, serving producers and assuring a fair, competitive price through the auction method of selling. LMA is THE voice for the livestock marketing industry on legislative and regulatory issues and our dedicated staff strives to provide a variet

Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors:: The mission of the Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors is to help livestock owners exhibit, display, and market livestock; to improve the conditions of those engaged in the exhibiting of livestock; and to educate the general public of the connection between farms, rural resources, and livestock. Thus, we will endeavor to offer services to aid breeders in marketing and promoting the genetic advancement of various livestock.

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