International Bee Research Association (IBRA)

International Bee Research Association (IBRA) Related

International Bee Research Association:: IBRA is a not-for-profit organization with members throughout the world. The organization aims to increase awareness of the vital role of bees in agriculture and the natural environment.

International Association for the Protection of the European Dark Bee:: Site mostly in Swedish, but there is an abstract describing the work of the association in English.

International Association for Great Lakes Research:: Promotes Great Lakes and other large lakes research and disseminates scientific information through publications and conferences.

Honey Bee Research:: Links to research establishments around the world from

Bee Research Unit:: Dr. Nizar Haddad provides information on beekeeping in Jordan and the research unit, books and booklets, articles and films about beekeeping. English and Arabic.

USDA Bee Research Laboratory:: Conducts research on the biology and control of honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) diseases, parasites and pests.

Carl Hayden Bee Research Centre:: Information for students and beekeepers about the facility; describes their research into crop pollination, and threats to honey bee populations.

Honey Bee Science Research Centre:: Based in Tamagawa University, Japan. Brief description of the centre, and its publications. Links to the Asian Apicultural Association. (Japanese and English.)

Society of the German Bee Research Institutes:: Website is partly in German. It has a large collection of links.

Citrus Research International:: Information on the research being undertaken into insect pests of citrus crops that cause economic damage and lower fruit quality.

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