Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors

Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors Related

Maine Alpaca Association:: Includes a directory of members, a listing of veterinarians and other resources, a newsletter subscription offer and map of Maine.

American Maine Anjou Association::

Canadian Maine-Anjou Association:: Offers breed history, current events, and industry links.

Maine Maple Producers Association:: Features articles about production, a buyer's guide, recipes, a directory of producers and a membership form.

Maine Christmas Tree Association:: A non-profit organization of family farms that produce real Christmas trees and wreath products.

Kansas Livestock Association:: Encourages the National Cattlemen's Beef Association to continually monitor international trades issues to assure U.S. beef producers have fair and equal access to the markets of competing exporting countries.

Kalamazoo Livestock Association:: The site is dedicated to the 4-H members who put in the hard work required to bring their animals to the show and to the generous buyers who support them. Each year at the Kalamazoo County Fair 4-H'ers have the chance to sell their animals at a public auction. The youth have worked all year caring for, feeding and training their animals. The sale is the event where all their hard work and learning experiences translate into a marketable product.

Livestock Marketing Association of Canada:: Non-profit association of Canadian livestock marketing businesses promoting open and fair competition. Includes news and a members list.

National Livestock Producers Association:: A national trade association for livestock marketing and credit cooperatives. NLPA members represent 215,000 beef, dairy, hog, sheep and goat producers in the United States and Canada.

Central Livestock Association (CLA):: Today, Central Livestock Association, a 90-year-old livestock marketing company, owns and operates prominent markets throughout the Midwest to serve cattle, horse, swine, sheep and goat producers. Keep in mind, your commission is an investment, not an expense. Bring your cattle to the auction and let them all bid! We believe in selling cattle the auction way. The purpose of Central Livestock is to act as a full-service livestock marketing organiz

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