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Beekeeping Starter Kit:: Beekeeping Starter Kit, your gateway to the wonderful world of apiculture. We carry many types of beekeeping equipment, beekeeping supplies and kits to help get novice beekeepers started with all of the right materials. Beekeeping is a rewarding hobby that can be enjoyed by both casual and dedicated beekeepers alike, so enjoy learning about the world of apiculture with the beekeeping supplies and materials at our online store.

Shelter-Kit Incorporated:: Owner-Built houses, barns, cabins and garages. Post and beam pre-cut buildings for assembly by owner-builders. Sold as kits. Illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Soil Quality Test Kit:: Information on a kit developed in conjunction with Ohio State University for testing soil for active organic matter as a measure of quality. [PDF]

Radon Test Kit & Electronic Radon Detector:: Radon home air and water inspection by test kit and electronic radon detector services marketed to home inspection professionals and homeowners.

Beekeeping (Yahoo):: Claims to be the original beekeeping list with archives going back to 1998. Covers all subjects pertaining to beekeeping.

Beekeeping For Beginners:: Provides details of a book of this name that can be ordered on-line, either as an e-book or as a print book.

Constructive Beekeeping:: A book of DIY projects for beekeeping - includes listing of chapters, order form and contact details.

Beekeeping Basics:: Learn about the historical background, equipment, defenses, colony development and honey harvesting.

Beekeeping and Children:: Information about bees and beekeeping: activities, safety, harvesting honey, and recipes. Presented by a 4-H club in California.

Beekeeping in India:: Information on beekeeping under Indian conditions, including the resources needed, the potential, apiculture technology, and the Indian market.

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