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Queen's Fern:: Provider of the leatherleaf of Queen's Fern and the galax of United Galax.

Queen Saffron:: Saffron (crocus sativus) is the most expensive and precious spice in the world and we are exporters and suppliers of grade one Kashmir saffron across the world under the prestigious brand name QUEEN SAFFRON. We provides free shipping facility for all our valued customers across the globe without the limit of quantity. From the very beaning of our business we deal only with grade one saffron. That is the reason why Queen saffron being the number o

Ezi Queen Ltd:: Ezi-Queen Systems – Queen Rearing & Royal Jelly Production kits have been distributed all around the world since 2001. We are a New Zealand based company and all our Ezi Queen Systems Kits are manufactured in New Zealand. Mr Tony Fraser-Jones the original owner of the company has for the last 3 years been researching and developing new revolutionary products to help and evolve the bee industry. He has appointed a new ownership team to take over

Queen Valley Mule Ranch:: Queen Valley Mule Ranch is a college for mules and their human companions. They train mules and educate and train humans about the lowly beast of burden.

Queen Bee Honey Products:: Queen Bee Honey Products offers all natural pure honey products, designed from nature for healthier skin, body and mind. All of our products are hand made, earth friendly and designed from the best nature and the American honey bees have to offer. Queen Bee Honey Products is a husband and wife team that enjoys the process of bee keeping and doing something positive for the environment. The honey and beeswax we collect are an added bonus! Honey i

It's All About Bees!:: It’s All About Bees! is a small local family-owned business. We specialize in creating our own unique reipes based on old-fashioned favorites as well as new and exciting food experiences. We are known for unique and all-natural products: • Local and Varietal Honey • Reduced Sugar Jam & Jelly • Delicious Sauces & Salsa • Natural Body Care Products • Beneficial Beeswax Candles • Beautiful Gift Baskets & More!

Bees:: Bees are four-winged insects, usually with a sting. There are over 12,000 species, but only about 600 of them are social in habit. Among the social bees are the honeybee (or hive bee) and the bumblebee. The bumblebee is round and furry and moves around slowly. The honeybee has a more streamlined body and moves around much faster (about 15 miles/hour). Bees have been producing honey for at least 150 million years. Bees create honey by repeatedly r

A Spring without Bees:: Provides information on a book by journalist Michael Schacker which examines the evidence linking IMD to Colony Collapse Disorder and offers a plan to save the bees.

Bees-Online:: Information resource about honey bees and their value to mankind, written to inspire and encourage people to keep bees themselves.

Enemies of Bees:: Information on the most common bee diseases that occur in the United States with suggested treatments.

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