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Wheat Bulb Fly and Other Fly Pests of Cereals:: Discusses the main fly pests of cereal crops and the measures that can be taken to minimise the problems their larvae cause. [PDF]

Hope, Faith and Gluttony:: Offering cookies, bars, cakes, and specialty products. Provides hand delivery in the New York City area.

Wheat Bulb Fly:: Information on this serious pest of wheat crops, its biology and advice on control measures.

Amazing Fly Control:: Involves the use of natural predators - a tiny, parasitic wasp which is harmless to man and animals - to control flies without the use of chemicals. Located in Brenham, Texas.

Hessian Fly: Mayetiola destructor:: Photograph and information on this serious pest of wheat, its distribution, characteristics, economic impact and management.

Actron: Integrated Fly Management:: Multi-media instruction on the problem of flies with particular attention to their role in the transmission of foodborne illness.

Starbar Quikstrike Fly Abatement Strip:: Attracts nuisance flies with two feeding attractants and a fly sex pheromone for use in rural and agribusiness settings.

J4 Alpacas:: Suri alpaca breeders in Illinois. Also offer, boarding and stud service. List of links to alpaca topics and variety of other topics as well.

Always Alpacas:: Offering animals for sale, as well as fiber, fleece and fiber products, boarding, breeding and contract sales. Located in southern Illinois.

Lorien Alpacas:: Includes information on breeding services, the various species, and products offered.

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