Llama Association of Australia

Llama Association of Australia Related

Oklahoma Llama Association:: Owners and breeders promoting health and education. Information on llama health care, hiking, show, and its members.

Canadian Llama & Alpaca Association:: Provides information about the history, traits, and lifestyle benefits to raising llamas. Also maintains a registry of Canadian llamas.

Alpaca and Llama Show Association:: Promoting llamas and alpacas with shows and events.

Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association:: Providing a network for camelid enthusiasts to share experiences and develop a recognized llama and alpaca industry

The British Llama and Alpaca Association:: Representing owners, breeders and enthusiasts of llamas, alpacas, vicunas, guanacos and camels in the UK.

American Miniature Llama Association:: Sharing information among owners, breeders, and persons interested in miniature llamas.

Llama Association of Southern California:: Non-profit organization of llama owners and breeders interested in the exchange and dissemination of information about the llama, including meetings and fun events.

NorthEast Ohio Llama Association:: Owners and breeders promoting llama health, husbandry, shows, packing, and fiber.

Pack Llama Trial Association:: Information and rules on certification and testing of pack llamas. Membership list, event listings, and statistics.

Pennsylvania Llama and Alpaca Association:: A cooperative group of llama owners providing promotional, educational, marketing and support. Members from Pennsylvania and neighboring states.

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