American Lowline Registry

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American Coopworth Registry:: The registry maintains an active website filled with facts and photos about Coopworth sheep, their origins and attributes; the ACR by-laws and an up-to-date membership directory with links to member sites.

American Jacob Sheep Registry:: Registry for purebred Jacob sheep.

American Karakul Sheep Registry:: Information about the breed, a member listing, products, links, and news - all concerning Karakul sheep.

North American Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Registry:: Breed registry; breed description, information on registering stock, listing of breeders.

North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Assn. and Registry:: A board-elective run association provides a members area and breeders' listing for public viewing.

Silverhills Lowline Cattle:: Provides breeding, show, and embryo program information. Lumby, BC, Canada.

Dp Park Australian Lowline Cattle Stud:: Australian Lowline Cattle Stud. DP Park Australian Lowline Cattle Stud's aim is to breed Australian Lowline Cattle that are consistent in producing premium quality lowline beef that is tender and tasty and can be produced/finished of grass based pastures which will perform in both the stud and commercial environments.

The Alpaca Registry, Inc.:: A database of the genealogy, blood-typing, and ownership records of alpacas in North America and a few alpacas outside this area. Full text searchable access to Journals and the latest ARI Newsletter. ARI Members can access the database online.

International Lama Registry:: ILR information, fee structure, name search, DNA procedure information, animal and owner census data. Members can also access common forms used for transactions with the ILR.

Randall Cattle Registry:: A site with information about the Randall breed. Includes photos and a brief history of the breed.

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