Nature's Paradise

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Nature Worldwide: Monitoring Nature:: Provides a comprehensive monitoring database for storing ecological and management data, also provides tools and manuals for downloading.

Nature New York's Nature (NNYN):: Not-for-profit foundation dedicated to creating public awareness of the importance of nurturing New York's nature for the health and well being of the City's inhabitants.

Vegetarians in Paradise:: Notes on the history from early times of growing millet, together with some recipes.

The Paradise Cafe:: Fair trade products from Costa Rica. Includes photos and description of processing. [English, Spanish, French, German]

Garlic Paradise:: Garlic related food products: relishes, salsas, mustards, salad dressings, dips, fagioli, olives, chiles, pickled garlic.

Paradise Wines:: Specializing in wines produced by small family winemakers. Also accessories and gift baskets are available.

Paradise Snacks:: Hawaiian food and snack favorites including macadamia nuts, dried and seasoned fruits, arare, crackseeds, spices, cuttlefish, marlin jerky, kona coffee and recipes.

Beer Paradise:: A specialist importer and distributor of German and Belgian beers in the UK.

Heliconia Paradise:: Exporter of bulbs and rhizomes of tropical ornamental plants grown in Thailand. Specializes in heliconia, and also include curcuma, adenium, plumeria, musa, and gingers.

Paradise Pastures:: Breeders of llamas and miniature donkeys, goats, and mules.

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Celtic Cow Ranch
Longhorn Salepen
Longhorn Source, The
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Texas Longhorn Ancestors