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Nielsen Communications:: Provides electronic technology and precision agricultural products to farmers, and agri-business companies in the midwest.

BeerNet Communications:: Daily newsletter and publications for beer industry professionals worldwide. Includes subscription information, special reports, archive, and events calendar.

Wark Communications:: Full service marketing communications firm serving the wine and related industry. Capabilities include public and media relations, marketing communications, website creation, advertising and event management. Includes a company profile, services, a list of clients and FAQs. Based in Glen Ellen, California, USA.

Riches Communications:: An Australian company based near Adelaide which provides communications services to the agricultural industry, particularly in relation to crop protection. Details and a free newsletter available on the site.

Central Communications Corporation:: Providers of software and Internet services to help agricultural equipment dealers utilize the potential of online markets.

Farm Bureau Communications:: Offering Farm Bureau members communications like satellite TV, long-distance telephone service, pre-paid paging, Internet access, and more.

Earth Communications Office:: Think more, use less.

Bioscience and Bioengineering Communications:: Bioscience and Bioengineering Communications (BBC) is a peer-reviewed, open access international journal, publishing original research and review articles in all areas of biosciences. The primary aim of the journal is to provide advancement and dissemination of knowledge related to all areas of bioscience, biotechnology and bioengineering. The journal publishes articles that deal with research on microorganisms, animals and plants.

Aquaculture Communications Group (ACG):: Home of Aquaculture Science & Technology Information Services. The Aquaculture Communications Group (ACG) specializes in aquaculture science and technology (S&T) information services, providing information & knowledge management, information & technology transfer, communications & public relations, and project management services to companies, governments, and organizations involved in aquaculture and related activities. In collaboration with our

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