Néolait Related

É Café Canada:: Offering an assortment of green and roasted coffees, biscotti, and coffee equipment.

Salon du Végétal:: A trade show specifically for ornamental horticulture professionals held in Angers, France. [English and French]

L'héritage:: Makers of traditional Boston baked beans, selling to restaurants and consumers.

Nadalié:: Manufactures a full line of handcrafted wine barrels made from French and American oak. Company profile and product details.

Anazé:: Portuguese cork stopper manufacturer. Company information and relevant information about wine bottling.

Café de Cuba:: Offers several roasted blends, whole bean or ground, as well as gift baskets and accessories, by the bag or the case. Serves UK and Ireland.

Café Kotowa:: Panamanian grower and roaster provides photos of estate and brief descriptions of products.

Café Milagro:: Roasted blends, wholesale and retail, from Tarrazú and Tres Ríos. Describes company history and locations of cafes in Costa Rica. [English/Spanish]

Café Volio:: Ground and whole bean roasted blends from Costa Rica. Also provides company history, information on the country, and coffee recipes.

Spin Caffé:: Coffeehouse in New York also offers online sales of its beans. Ships in USA.

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