Bred to go where horses fear to tread, goats pack quite a load. Related

Northwest Pack Goats and Supplies:: Manufacturing and sales of packgoat equipment, supplies, and young pack goat stock. Located in Weippe, Idaho.

Wind River Pack Goats:: Outfitters and guides using packgoats in the mountains and deserts of Wyoming and all over the west. Sells goatpacking gear, videos, and other supplies.

Kopf Canyon Ranch Pack Goats:: Pack goat breeders in Idaho. Packing with goats may seem like a new trend, but it has been going on for thousands of years. While the dog was the first domesticated animal, goats were'nt far behind - and well ahead of cats or horses! Goats are intelligent, friendly and agile, can go places that horses and mules can't, and require little to manage them on a trail and at home.

DOOWIN Water Load Bags:: DOOWIN is professional manufacturer of water tank used for storage portable water, waste water, rain water, chemical, and other liquid. DooFlex is the professional manufacturer of underwater air lifting bags, salvage pontoon, pipeline buoyancy bags, proof load testing water weight bags, lifeboat test water bags, flexible bulk liquid storage & transportation PVC tankers, marker buoys and inflatable fenders, pipe stopper. With a strong reputatio

The Pack Shack Inc.:: Offers wildland firefighters packs, duffels and other accessories.

Pine Creek Pack:: Bake-dried fruit and vegetables, such as apples, cherries, pears, bananas, and mangos. Feature Washington-grown certified organic produce.

The Kiwi Homesick Pack:: Boxed gifts of New Zealand foods such as Marmite, Watties tomato sauce, Buzz bars, Whittakers Peanut Slab, and chocolate fish.

Gem Pack Foods:: Distributes a range of sugars, rices, cereals/pulses, traditional desserts, and dried fruits. Located in Dublin, Ireland.

Pack Line East:: Pack Line, established in 1990, is a recognized leader worldwide in the manufacture of packaging machinery for the food, beverage, personal/home care and pharmaceutical sectors. Our mission is to provide our customers with products and services that provide a competitive advantage, utilizing breakthrough technology to reduce operational costs and increase line efficiency. At Pack Line, we believe in mutual success with our customers and are inten

Pack Llama Trial Association:: Information and rules on certification and testing of pack llamas. Membership list, event listings, and statistics.

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