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Julia F. Morton's "Fruits of Warm Climates": Mango:: A chapter covering history of cultivation, botanical description, comparison of varieties, and nutrient content of fruit.

Lucky "B" Bison Ranch:: Promoting the breeding of premium bison and the promotion of the health conscious benefits of bison/buffalo meat. Also has breeding stock for sale or trade, meat sales, and information about the yearly Bison Festival. (College Station, Texas)

Iron "Q" Sauces:: Barbecue and hot sauces, marinades and dry rubs, and gift baskets.

"What Next From The Federal Government?":: Speech about carbon by Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Rich Rominger given at the Carbon: Exploring The Benefits to Farmers and Society conference in Des Moines, Iowa (August 31, 2000)

Timber "R":: Importer of timber, lumber and specialty wood products from Russia.

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