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Murray Grey Youth:: The Murray Grey Youth Program is open to all young (25 years and under) cattle enthusiasts. The program provides members with education on beef cattle in an environment of fun and creativity. Murray Grey Youth also provides annual overseas study scholarships to selected members. (Australia)

Wisconsin Dairy Youth:: Information on Wisconsin Dairy Youth activities, dairy resources, state contests, dairy judging and news.

Youth for Environmental Sanity:: Operating action camps and offering school performances.

APA-ABA Youth Poultry Club:: The primary objective of our club is to encourage and help our young members to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience to participate fully and effectively in the poultry fancy as an adult. That they will be able to decide what types of fowl he/she wishes to raise, how to select quality birds, how to house, feed and provide general care and practice healthy bio-security for all poultry. If a youth exhibits his/her poultry either in producti

The Navigator Magazine:: Monthly magazine serving the commercial fishing, marine and aquaculture industries in Atlantic Canada and New England. Industry news and commentary on fish harvesting and processing, boat brokerage listings, classified ads.

SLAMMED magazine:: Print publication offering business know-how to restaurant owners and employees, with advertising space for suppliers.

LesPromInform Magazine:: A professional magazine that reviews the Russian timber industry − forestry, logging, woodworking, bioenergy, pulp and paper, furniture manufacture and wooden house building.

TimberLine Magazine:: Offers industry and machinery news for loggers, sawmills, pallet manufacturers and recyclers as well as secondary wood processors.

The Showbox Magazine:: Official print magazine of the Texas Junior Livestock Association. Includes point standings, breeders directory, subscription information, and membership applications.

Range Magazine:: Presents a view of the west from those that live there and the effects to them by those not living or working there.

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