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Practical Poultry:: Practical Poultry is the UK's best selling Chicken magazine. The Magazine is packed with helpful advice from incubation to housing, feeds to breeding and showing to selling. This informative monthly magazine caters for enthusiasts at all levels, from beginners with a few chickens to established breeders working on small-scale commercial production. If you keep poultry, you need Practical Poultry magazine.

Practical Winery & Vineyard Magazine:: Print publication offering information on winegrowing, winemaking, and wine marketing. Some articles available online.

Practical-goats:: List for owners to discuss care and practical aspects of goatkeeping, as well as answering questions of new owners. Public message archives.

Practical Solutions International Ltd.:: Provides technical and commercial management solutions for the food industry.

Practical Farm Ideas:: Contents and index for this magazine. Includes workshop projects, ideas, financial advice, money saving innovations to help agricultural businesses.

Practical Environmental Solutions:: Provides products and services to bioremediate soil and water, and hydrocarbon wastes.

Small Farmer's Journal - Practical Horse Farming:: A journal in support of independent family farmers. Offering information on the use of animal-power, organics and sustainable agriculture. Lynn Miller is editor and publisher

Green Living: A Practical Journal for Friends of the Environment:: Regular topics include organic gardening, green building, ecocareers and right livelihood, socially responsible investing, and features on topical environmental issues.

The Poultry Connection Poultry Forum:: Discussion forum for all topics related to poultry care.

Practical Experience Using Mating Disruption Against Eupoecilia ambiguella and Lobesia botrana in Vineyards of the Wuerttemberg Region:: Account of German scientific study into the use of pheromones, in comparison to pesticides.

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