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Game Bird Gazette:: The Game Bird Gazette is a magazine devoted to raising and marketing game birds such as quail, pheasants, peacocks, partridges, grouse and ducks. The Game Bird Gazette magazine website features many articles and pictures that have appeared in past issues of the magazine. It also includes a game bird breeding news and views section. The Game Bird Gazette magazine itself lists thousands of game birds for sale as well as articles, pictures and helpf

The UK Game Bird Industry: A Short Study:: Pheasants, partridge and grouse are the main birds raised and hunted in the UK. This study provides information on their management, legislation, imports, rearing, health and the economics of the industry. [PDF]

Smith Poultry & Game Bird Supply:: A family-owned business that offers poultry and game bird books, supplies, vitamins and medication. Located in Kansas, US.

Lake Cumberland Game Bird Farm and Hatchery:: Includes ordering information for jumbo bobwhite quail, northern bobwhite quail, chukar partridge, and ringneck pheasant.

Psychometric Tables for Incubation of Poultry and Game Bird Eggs:: Provides tables for setting the correct relative humidity in incubators, adjusted for elevation above sea level. [PDF]

Highland Game:: Dundee, Scotland firm specializing in processing wild venison.

Arrowhead Game Meats:: Offers venison, buffalo, ostrich, elk, wild boar, rabbit, game birds, caviar, and Kobe beef.

Oakwood Game Farm:: Producer of Chinese Ringneck Pheasants and Chukar Partridges.Fresh and smoked game birds offered.

Mickey's Game Time Inc.:: Offers boiled, roasted and Cajun peanuts, plus popcorn, roasted almonds and cotton candy.

Wangara Poultry and Game:: Australian suppliers of a wide variety of poultry and game products including kangaroo, venison, Wagyu beef and possum. Product details.

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