New Zealand Sheepbreeders' Association

New Zealand Sheepbreeders' Association Related

Wiltshire Horn Sheepbreeders Association:: Information on the breed and its application as a producer of sheep meat. Includes history and members list.

Polwarths Sheepbreeders' Association of Australia:: History, breed information, and news about the Polwarth sheep in Australia.

North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association:: Devoted to the preservation and protection of this primitive breed of sheep.

NASSA: North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association:: Information about Shetland Sheep from the association devoted to the preservation and promotion of this small, fine fibered breed in North America.

New Zealand Alpaca Association:: An organization of New Zealand alpaca breeders.

New Zealand Angus Association:: An incorporated society which aims to promote the use of the Angus breed within New Zealand.

New Zealand Shorthorn Association:: Provides breed information, searchable databases of animals, EBVs, and breeders.

The New Zealand Kunekune Association's:: The Association aims to ensure the preservation of the Kunekune pig by encouraging breeding and providing information to Kunekune owners.

New Zealand Poultry Association Inc.:: The objective of NZ Poultry Association is to promote the breeding and exhibiting, to encourage the good husbandry of, and to foster international collaboration in poultry and pigeons.

The National Beekeepers' Association of New Zealand:: Information on current beekeeping issues such as the Varroa mite. Also includes information on legislation, and reports on activities. Subscription details for their journal.

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