Australian Texel Stud Breeders Association

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Australian Texel Sheep Breeders Association::

Australian Brahman Breeders Association:: Primary Australian breeders' association -- site offers breed information, members' directory, industry newsletters, and online public-sale catalogues.

Mondray Texel Stud:: Breeder of Texel Sheep. Ewes, rams, and export semen are available.Also Riverview Bed and Breakfast. Located in Moulamein, NSW, Australia.

Findlay Texel-Sheep Stud:: Strive to produce sires and dams of superior carcass conformation and attributes.

Blackdale Texel Stud Sheep Farm:: Produces sires of superior carcass atttributes.

New Zealand Merino Stud Breeders:: New Zealand Merino Stud Breeders Producing Genetics for Tomorrow's Finest Garments. New Zealand Merino Stud Breeders‘ Society exists to ensure a united stud industry through collaborative work within the regional stud breeders‘ associations. The regional associations undertake: Merino sheep selection workshops, Industry representation on animal health and welfare, Merino stud tours, Merino management field days, Promotion of sheep sales, Elim

Dp Park Australian Lowline Cattle Stud:: Australian Lowline Cattle Stud. DP Park Australian Lowline Cattle Stud's aim is to breed Australian Lowline Cattle that are consistent in producing premium quality lowline beef that is tender and tasty and can be produced/finished of grass based pastures which will perform in both the stud and commercial environments.

Canadian Texel Association:: Representing Canadian Texel Sheep breeders with the objectives to educate, promote, and provide information about Texel Sheep. Membership information included.

Australian Jersey Breeders Society:: Responsible for the registration, promotion and breed development programs for the Jersey Breed in Australia

Australian Alpaca Association:: Database includes breeder information, publications, national committees, industry news, and general facts.

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