Bonnygate Flock

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Flock Shock:: Waterfowl control in northern California, US. Services offered include consultancy, site management, waterfowl relocation and water resources management.

Gedwydd Flock:: Breeder of Wilsire Horn Sheep, a woolless breed of sheep. Located in North Wales, Unitied Kingdom.

The Damburgh Flock:: Information about the Clun Forest sheep of The Damburgh Flock. Located in Bodegraven, The Netherlands.

The Nutwood Flock:: The Nutwood flock of Jacob Sheep in Worcestershire, the United Kingdom, and a collection of knitting kits and patterns using Jacob wool.

The Turin Flock:: Breeders of purebred Texel sheep with a flock of 100 pedigreed ewes. Located in The United Kingdom.

The Cottage Flock:: An Irish site discussing the origins and merits of their French breed of sheep, the Vendeen.

The Killeen Flock:: Irish breeder of Vendéen sheep. The flock is a registered member of the Irish Vendéen Sheep Society. Located in Dunsany, Co. Meath.

Feeding the Ewe Flock:: What and how much should I feed my sheep? That is a question that is asked quite regularly. The correct answer is: it depends.

Nutrition of the Ewe Flock:: Steps to prevent "empty gut disease" caused by the inadequate supply of nutrients.

Wintering the Ewe Flock:: With the cessation of pasture growth, more inputs of labor, management and harvested feedstuffs are required for the ewe flock. Actually, the winter period and nutrient needs of the flock may be as much a function of when a producer lambs as what the weather is.

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