Lleyn Sheep Society

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Suffolk Sheep Society:: Based in the U.K. Includes breed, genetic, show, and sales information.

Cheviot Sheep Society:: Provides information about the white-faced hill sheep from the Scottish Borders.

Beltex Sheep Society:: Pictures and general information concerning Beltex sheep in the United Kingdom.

The Hebridean Sheep Society:: Registration authority for the breed within the United Kingdom. Features breed history, technical papers, and sale reports.

The Southdown Sheep Society:: The official site of the Southdown Sheep Society, UK. History of breed, breeders list, and description.

Charollais Sheep Society:: Charollais sheep have established themselves in the UK as a major influence in the prime lamb industry. A terminal sire renowned for its quality carcase, easy lambing and flexible marketing, Charollais rams work well with all the UK’s commercial ewe breeds.

Coopworth Sheep Society of Australia:: Includes breed information and genetic trends.

Wiltshire Horn Sheep Society:: The Society ensures continued excellence in this breed, which combines prime meat production with ease of management.

American Cheviot Sheep Society:: Provides photos, list of U.S. breeders, Officers of the American Cheviot Sheep Society and a brief history of the Border Cheviot breed prior to and after importation. Inquiries welcomed.

Painted Desert Sheep Society:: Society information about these colorful hair sheep. Animal descriptions, pictures and breeders list.

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