Quanbury Border Leicesters

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Border County Foods:: Old County Original Cumberland Sausage made exclusively from rare breed pork.

Chavie's North of the Border:: Manufacturer of salsas made with fresh ingredients. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Border Control Bird Dogs:: Based in Ontario, this organisation offers a service designed to prevent problem geese and turkeys from settling and nesting.

Australian Border Leicester Association:: Australian breed association with information, pictures, and promotional features.

Border Information & Solutions Network:: Dedicated to promoting sustainable development of the US/Mexico border by enhancing collaboration and communication through the Internet.

Border Control Bird Dogs:: Border Control Bird Dogs was founded by Heather and Gareth Williams a decade ago. Recognising the need for nuisance geese control they set about training and developing geese control methods. We are a recognized and respected name in the field of geese and waterfowl management. We are a specialized geese management company not a generic ‘Pest Control’ organization. Border Control Bird Dogs offers a fully comprehensive service suitable to all

Official Border Leicester Sheep Society:: Information about the breed of sheep, including photographs, sales, news, and details about the breed society.

Border Leicester Sheep Breeders Society:: Breed information; including history, breeding, sales and pictures. Located in the United Kingdom.

United States Border Collie Handlers Association:: Information about Border Collies and herding. Contains articles on general information, activities, veterinary information, breeding, culture, books and magazines, and products.

NSW Border Leicester Sheep Breeders' Association Inc:: Describes the breed, and details information about the association.

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